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Sales Recruitment in Salisbury

Sales still forms a strong part of most businesses and always will. Employers are constantly looking for highly motivated, skilled professional sales personnel who know how to deliver and increase their bottom line.

It’s a pressurized business that requires a unique set of skills.

Sales recruitment can be a hit or miss affair depending on the agency you choose to handle it for you. Sales staff are often seen as expendable and there can be less commitment to quality than in other recruitment fields. That’s where Purple Panda Recruitment different.

Working from our Salisbury office, here at Purple Panda Recruitment we’re devoted to finding high quality sales executives and matching them employers we’re proud to be partnered with. We don’t believe that it’s simply a numbers game.

Our understanding of the market alongside our expert consultants means we know what to look for, the right questions to ask and so, we have the selection procedures in place that make a difference.

We cover everything from telesales and field sales to director positions for both large corporations and SMEs. We’re as passionate about recruitment as you are about selling.


“We understand sales isn’t something that can be taught, it’s a personality trait and you’ve either got it or you haven’t. Sales people must be tenacious, driven, and hungry for both money and success while possessing a clear goal to increase their employers bottom line.”

Lucy Jackson, Director, Purple Panda


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