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How to handle rejection

So far 2022 has been great for Purple Panda Recruitment with lots of candidates accepting exciting new roles. However, with that also comes disappointment for others who may have been pipped at the post for a job.

Job rejection can feel deflating, demoralizing, and disappointing. This blog provides you with some constructive steps of how you can overcome these feelings, move on, and get back out on the hunt. 


Rejection is not feedback, so therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to politely ask the recruiter or employer for more detailed feedback about your interview in order to help you improve Whilst you won’t change an employer’s mind after they’ve rejected you, you could pick up some valuable tips and make adjustments moving forward in your interview technique or in your job search.


It is easy to take rejection to heart and blame your abilities or interview technique on your failure to land the job. Try not to read too much into your rejection, these decisions are rarely based solely on your performance. If you prepared fully and tried your best, there is little else you could have done.

Many of the reasons behind hiring decisions will not be made apparent to you. You may have performed excellently, but there could be other factors at play. For example, there may have been a very strong internal candidate who is already familiar with the business, or another candidate with slightly more relevant experience than you. These are things you cannot change; they are beyond your control.


It can be tempting to put your job search on hold following rejection but it’s important to keep the momentum going in your job search and stay interviewing. Handling rejection is never easy, but it does offer valuable opportunities to discover more about yourself and enhance your job search techniques. Good things are always worth waiting for, and with persistence and a positive outlook, your dream job could be just around the corner.

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