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Virtual Interviews

Despite the current situation, companies are still interviewing - they are hiring new staff members. They’re having to in order to ensure they are still making money during these challenging times. That said, these interviews are slightly different to what we are all so used to.

If you have been invited to an interview then there is a good chance that you would have been asked to do so via Skype or Zoom call. Do not underestimate these interviews - they can often be harder to impress than in a real life situation. This blog should provide you with some tips on virtual interviewing to ensure you are in the best position possible.


As the video call is an open window to your personal life, it is important to appear professional, precise, and organised. Therefore, dress appropriately for your interview, tidy up, ensure you have a neutral background, regulate the lighting, and inform all people (or pets!) sharing your home that you are unavailable. If you are using an application like Zoom you can use a virtual background to hide details about the location as well as any people or kids that could enter the screen range unannounced!


Before starting the interview, check that you have the right application downloaded and that it works. Often, a small headset or earphone provides better sound quality than your laptops microphone. Check the quality of the camera and check how you appear on the screen – that you are at the right height and have not decapitated yourself on screen! Hearing, together with sight are the only senses you can use to make a good impression in this case, so make sure to take care of them.


Today 170 countries in the world are being affected by the Coronavirus. Any conversation that you have with another person for the foreseeable future will at least touch on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Job interviews are no different. Employers are bound to ask you to tell them a bit about yourself during the interview process, they may even follow up with another question to find out what you learned about yourself during the pandemic. Prepare for this.

As a candidate, you should ask how the company is reacting to the crisis. This will give you a deeper understanding into the firm, their infrastructures, and corporate culture. Moreover, it will inform you regarding the timeline and logistics of the hiring process.

These are unprecedented times, but companies are still recruiting -albeit, adapting to the “new normal”. Never dismiss a virtual interview as less important or less formal than a face to face interview. Employers will hire you based on these interviews alone so it’s imperative that you do everything you can to prepare yourself entirely for it.

Whether you are a candidate or an employer, if you would like more advice on virtual interviews then contact our experienced team on 01722 448 448.


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