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Why use a recruiter?

What is a recruitment agency? Recruitment agencies match candidates to job vacancies, working with companies directly to help fill their roles. We source new opportunities, edit and optimise CVs, and even provide advice to help candidates prepare for interviews.

So, what are the benefits of using a recruitment agency over applying for jobs yourself?

Knowledge – you know the old saying, knowledge is power? That statement couldn’t be truer when looking for your next role. Here at Purple Panda Recruitment we take the time to get to know our clients and their interview techniques, we understand the job which you are interviewing for, and what really makes our clients “tick”. By ensuring we prepare our candidates thoroughly for interview we can provide you with any insider knowledge we may have putting you in the best position possible for your interview.

Client access – we have a network of clients who trust us implicitly. Often, our clients may not be actively recruiting, but if we are working with a great candidate, quite often, companies will make room for them. We also have access to jobs that you as a job seeker often cannot see (yet). 

Time – assuming you are currently in employment, job searching can be time consuming. As recruiters, we have the time to find you the next opportunity.

Feedback -  most agencies will provide you with feedback throughout the job application process, whether it’s advice on how to revise your CV, manage your expectations or provide constructive feedback following an unsuccessful interview – all of these things will put you in good stead for future interviews.

It’s free! - Agencies should never take a cut of your salary (this is illegal) - we are paid by the employer, not the candidate.

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