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Lockdown 2020, returning to work

Over recent weeks or months, many of you may have been furloughed by your employer and enjoyed weeks of watching Netflix and trying to master new hobbies. Under government guidelines, we are now being encouraged to return to work, only if safe and our stay at home bubbles will soon burst, and we will be back to work with a bang. Undoubtedly, after so much time without any real routine or structure, many will struggle to get back into the swing of going back to work. To help you out, Purple Panda Recruitment have put together our top tips on making the transition back to work, whenever it is, as easy as possible:

  1. Set and alarm, turn off snooze.

    Seems simple right? Settling an alarm and getting yourself out of bed is harder than it sounds when you don’t have anywhere to go! Set your alarm for the time you normally would on a working day, turn off snooze and get out of bed. Making this small change now will be easier in the long run.

  2. Stop the snacking!

    If you are anything like us, you are spending your days walking back and forth to the kitchen hoping something may have appeared you want to eat! Grazing all day is common during times of uncertainty and boredom, but many of us are unable to eat at our desks so ensure so break the habit and stop the snacking now.

  3. Re-evaluate your finances.

    You may be in a situation where your bank account is looking healthy, despite the Amazon delivery man knowing you by name… not being able to leave the house really helps us to save our hard-earned cash! Spend time focussing on your spending habits and where you would normally haemorrhage your money – do you really need that £3 fancy coffee every morning? Could you make or take your own? Choose an incentive whether that be holiday in the future, new handbag you’ve been dreaming of or a house move - refocus your spending.

If nothing else, all this time off work has given us lots of time to think. Are you struggling to find the motivation to get back to work? Are you doing what you truly love? Maybe you have been mulling over your future and thinking it is time for a change. If so, contact our team of experienced recruiters today on 01722 448 448.


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