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Interview questions to ask

It’s easy for the team at Purple Panda Recruitment to prepare candidates for an interview but sometimes, our clients need a little extra assistance too. Especially if they’re under time restraints or are a growing business and not as confident in interviewing.

If you’re going to the expense of using an agency, you have to ensure that the candidates you offer add to your culture and growth. Purple Panda Recruitment provide bespoke recruitment packages for businesses and so, we’re often asked to join our clients in interviews and assist them in asking the right questions. But what are the right things to ask?

  • Why do you want to work for us?

    This seems like a basic question, but why does the candidate want to work for you specifically over your competitors? What do you offer them that’s different? It’s a good test to see how much research candidates have done into your company prior to interview and will filter out those who just want a new job and those who want a new job with you.

  • Set a task.

    You wouldn’t normally buy a car without test driving it. You wouldn’t buy a house without viewing it. So why would you trust someone to represent your company without testing their abilities. If it’s a practical role you’re recruiting for, give them a task to complete. If it’s a sales role – give them a role play to do. You get the gist, ensure that candidates can do what they say they can do and that will save hassle down the line,

  • What are your future career goals?

    Perhaps you’re an organisation which can’t offer the progression a candidate says they’re looking for. In which case, the candidate isn’t right for you. As an employer you have a responsibility to be honest with candidates and if now, you can’t give them what they want, then tell them. If they’re still keen to work for you after that then happy days!

  • What motivates you?

    The answers to this question will be dependent on your industry. If recruiting for a sales executive and the first answer to this question is “customer service” then you know that candidate isn’t right for you. Any good salesperson should answer that with “money.” You know what works within your industry and what you want from candidates, Ask them a question with an answer you’d want/except to hear and see what they say.


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