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Social Media & Recruitment

If you look at recruitment in a traditional sense, its definition has completely transformed in just the last decade.

What used to be simply filling an open role has evolved into a complete data-driven, professional networking and strategic line of work that creates real changes in a business. Recruiting with social networking sites is fast becoming a way of life. Since the beginning of the social media era, our world revolves around posts or tweets and communication has become extremely convenient, quick and effective.

Social media recruitment is a must have for any successful recruitment strategy as it will help you to take advantage of the global marketplace. This type of recruitment is about engaging with users and using social media tools to source and recruit the best talent.

Technology and social media networking sites are an opportunity that should be embraced. They are an additional tool to aid recruiters and job seekers to find the job that suits them.

LinkedIn and other social networking sites will play a key role in your recruitment strategy, but for a more in-depth understanding of how social media can assist in your recruitment strategy then call one of our consultants on 01722 448 448


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