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Interview Tips and Techniques

We’ve all heard the line “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”. Well, in relation to interviewing, that statement couldn’t be any more apt.

Purple Panda Recruitment are proud in the way in which we help to prepare our Candidates prior to interview. We provide them with as much information as possible and always ensure we have met our Candidates. This process ensures that we retain our excellent interview to offer ratio.

Of course, we can’t do all the hard work. The team at Purple Panda Recruitment have compiled a list of our “Top 5 Interview Tips”

  • 1. Research.

    Knowledge is power. To ace an interview, you’ll require knowledge of not only the Industry and more specifically, the company you’re meeting, but consider their competitors – what can they offer you that you cannot get elsewhere? What makes them stand out? It’s imperative to spend time understanding them and more specifically, understanding the role you’re applying for so you can link your previous skills with the new position in interview.

  • 2. Plan your journey.

    Turning up late to an interview will always put you on a back foot. You’ll be stressed, and let’s face it, if you can’t turn up on time to begin with, your potential employer will likely consider what your timekeeping skills would be like in a role. Ensure you have planned your journey and given yourself extra time.

  • 3. Dress to impress.

    There’s a saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. This statement works across all sectors, whether you’re going in for a Junior Role or a Directorship, dressing as per your prospective employers’ guidelines, culture and brand is key to success. Subtle touches such as wearing a tie in their companies colours or injecting some of your own personality into your outfit choice will get you noticed.

  • 4. Go armed with questions.

    Inevitably, the interviewer is going to ask if you have any questions. A prolonged silence shows you haven’t prepared. Go armed with one or two great questions to fall back on if you can’t think of anything else to ask. Questions could include:

    • What’s the companies 5-year growth plans?
    • How can I progress within the company?
    • What is the average employer’s length of service?
  • 5. Ask for the job.

    You don’t ask, you don’t get. Never leave an interview without closing it yourself. If you want the job, tell the employer. The type of questions asked will vary dependant on the type of role you’re going for and your personality. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable going in all guns blazing, then don’t do it. Stick to your comfort zone. Good questions to ask include:

    • It’s been lovely meeting you today, what’s the next step?
    • Is there any reason you don’t think I’d be suitable for this position?
    • When can I start?

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