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Purple Panda Services

Here at Purple Panda Recruitment we understand that all companies recruit differently. As purely service led recruiters, we are proud to be able to offer bespoke, tailor-made recruitment strategies to our clients by really taking the time to know how your company works and what you want from your next recruit.

One of our consultants will guide you on the best and most cost-effective way to source staff.

We have outlined some of our most popular services, of course, if none of these options sound quite right for your business, then let’s have a chat and we will endeavour to find you an alternative solution.

360 Recruitment

Purple Panda Recruitment will fully manage your recruitment drive. We will spend some time chatting with you to ensure we know exactly the type of candidates you are looking for. If you’d prefer us to pop in and meet with you then just let us know, we love getting out and meeting clients!

The 360 process starts by ensuring we have a brilliant job description. If you don’t have one, or perhaps yours needs reviewing or updating then this is where we will start. One of our expert consultants will work with you before we advertise the role on all relevant channels. We then really spend time sourcing or headhunting only the most competent staff and understanding their needs and requirements before sending them to you for consideration. We pride ourselves on a “quality over quantity” approach.

Our consultants always meet candidates prior to interview. It’s important that we can put a face to a name, that they are fully prepared and that we are truly confident we are sending in only the most suitable candidates. Once we have a job offer agreed we ensure to maintain contact with the candidates prior to their start date before they embark in the next step of their career with your company.

Social Media

There has been a huge increase in utilising social media platforms over the last decade or so. Driven by better technology and the ever-increasing connectedness of the world we live in; social media recruitment has given employers contact with new potential candidates at a minimal cost.

Purple Panda Recruitment can work with your company and utilise your social media platforms by effectively advertising job roles to generate more candidates.

Recruitment Assistance

Recruitment assistance is aimed for businesses who require just a little help in securing great candidates. Options include:

  • Job Description Writing

    The first insight a potential candidate may have into your business is via a job description. It’s vital that your job description entices candidates to apply to work for you, and not your competition.

  • Filtering Applications

    If you have had a huge response to a job advert and need someone to filter through your applications, then our team at Purple Panda Recruitment will whittle out only the most suitable candidates before sending them to you in a shortlist.

  • Telephone Interviews

    Let our Consultants conduct preliminary telephone interviews with candidates on our recorded telephone lines before sending the calls to you. This is time saving for busy companies and works well for filtering through candidates whose new role would be to spend a lot of time on the phone.

Recruitment Day

Perhaps the most thorough service we provide, a recruitment day is an easy option for busy companies.

One of our expert consultants will source an abundance of candidates and send out any relevant application forms to them before inviting them to your recruitment day. We will arrange either a half day or full of back to back interviews for you and can be right by your side in the interviews assisting in asking the right questions.

Our consultants will ensure all paperwork and relevant references are up to date and accurate and work with you to ensure you secure only the best candidates. A recruitment day takes the hassle of your hands – you pay a one-off fee for this service and you can recruit as many candidates as you like.

“I have been lucky enough to work side by side with Lucy in a busy property management role, to be represented as a candidate by Lucy and now to work together in a Client/Recruiter capacity. In the 7+ years I have known Lucy, I have found her to be tenacious, driven, motivated, and above all service-focussed. As an internal Recruiter, I can confidently say Lucy is one of a rare breed, in that she really listens to what her clients and her candidates are looking for. As a candidate and as a client, I have never felt like a number to Lucy, or another call for her weekly figures. The personalised service offered by Lucy is second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to hiring managers or job-seekers.”

Lucy, HR Manager, Wiltshire


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