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Marketing Recruitment in Salisbury

At Purple Panda Recruitment, we understand how finding candidates who have the right mix of talent, motivation and creativity is important.

Searching out the rising stars of the marketing world requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the sector as well as taking the time to discover what each client is specifically looking for.

Unlike many other sectors, marketing recruitment has access to a wide range of skills and specialities. It’s sorting through these to find the right candidates for a business that sets Purple Panda Recruitment apart from the competition.

We’re a recruitment agency that looks for the best candidates possible and then matches them with industry leading employers.


"Lucy has helped me place 3 members of staff in my Southampton office and I must say she has found the right candidates for me on each occasion, she was extremely professional and listened to each and every requirement and filled the positions with ease for me. Thank you purple panda. Highly recommended and shall continue to use you for my future requirements."

Matt, Sales Manager, Hampshire


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